Igor's C++ Grimoire

This is an attempt at documenting, in a vaguely human-readable form, C++11, C++14 and C++17. At some point, I may even get around to adding C++20 to it.

The document is deliberately written as a single HTML page (with all CSS, pictures, etc built-in) so it can be saved and copied as just a single (rather large - about 2MB) file. If you find it useful and refer to it a lot, then please make a local copy of it and check back now and then for updates. If you find any problems with it (errors, omissions, or just suggestions) then please let me know; details are in the Introduction

Please note that when saving local copies of web pages, some browsers will default to packaging them up into a '.mht' format. As this is a single file anyway, there is no need to do this; just save it as a normal '.html' file

Enough rambling... Here is Igor's C++ Grimoire. Latest version is dated 27/05/2020

Some useful vim plugins

A (currently very small) collection of vim plugins written my me. See the README files in each case for full details. As standard, to use each plugin, just un-tar it into your ~/.vim/bundle/ directory and read its README file

SessX Simple Session Management

SessX defines some simple, but very useful, enhancements to the standard session operation. Includes support for saving and restoring the SelX plugin status. Here is is; sessx.tar.gz (27/04/2020)

SelX A Rainbow of vim Selection/Highlighting & Search

SelX provides additional highlighting functions that operate in a very similar way to the standard '*' (and similar) key mappings and the standard '/' (and similar) command line search operations; the difference is that multiple, multi-coloured highlights are supported, operating on a per-tab basis. The highlight selections can also (optionally) be saved as part of a vim session. SelX is intended to complement rather then replace the standard vim selection/search highlight facility. Note that this plugin needs a bit of setting-up to use (but it's definitely worth it!); see the README file. Here it is; selx.tar.gz (01/05/2020)